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 Yamashita Suikendo

" The way of the fist,

            that flows like water"


     Suikendo (pronounced See-kan-doe) is Sensei Tadashi Yamashita's personally developed style of martial arts, and is what sets Yamashita Martial Arts apart from other martial art training facilities. Suikendo combines elements of combat, balance, and agility; it develops strength, flexibility, and a combat alert spirit. The word Suikendo means “The way of the fist that flows like water.” This word, and its meaning, encompasses the philosophy and the concept of this style; the body remains centered while the hands and feet practice multiple striking and breaking techniques in a fluid and fast manner, imitating the sense of water falling from high above.  The essence of the techniques used in Suikendo are an enhanced extract of a sophisticated study of Shorin-Ryu.


Suikendo combines elements of combat, dance and breath. It can develop the physical ability and flexibility while giving a combat alert spirit.  


We, the students of Sensei Yamashita, refer to Suikendo as the "jazz" of the martial arts.

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