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  Beside empty hand combat, the Okinawan's also began the practice of Kobudo (weapons). Because of King Sho Hashi's ban on the traditional weapons (such as the samurai sword), the Okinawan's began using their everyday farming implements as weapons. From this practice the most commonly thought of weapons became known as the: Bo (six foot staff), the Eku (six foot oar), the Kama (grass or cain sickle), the Tonfa (utility handle), and the Nunchaku (horse bit, and even rice flail). However because the Okinawan's never restrained the practice of survival, it is conceivable that these particular weapons might not have been the only weapons practiced.  In fact the Zen Okinawan Kobudo Renmei (Matayoshi Kobudo), makes use of the Kuwa (Japanese Hoe), the Timbei and Rochin (Shield and dagger), as well as the Nunti (Japanese like spear).





Even today you can still find Okinawan weapons being used for gardening 

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