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Tadashi Yamahita, Hanshi Yamashita


Sensei Tadashi Yamashita is a 10th degree black belt and is the founder and overseer of all Yamashita Martial Arts. With over 60 years of continuous martial arts training, Sensei Yamashita is highly respected and known throughout the world as one of the greatest martial artists of our time; even today his blazing speed and skill set is nothing short of amazing.  Sensei Yamashita provides continued guidance and training to Shihan Kelly and Sensei Tim.  All seminars and Black Belt testing/promotions are performed by Sensei Yamashita as well.  For more detail of the life and many accomplishments of Sensei Yamashita CLICK HERE


Renshi Kelly started her training in Okinawan Shoryn Ryu Karate at the age of 10 from a local family owned karate school.  4 Years later she switched to a Yamashita Karate Studio.  It was at this studio that Kelly tested for her blackbelt in front of Sensei Yamashita.  Shortly after this, Kelly began training directly with Sensei Yamashita. Today, Kelly has earned her 6th Dan in Shorin Ryu and 5th in Kobudo (weapons).  With 20 yrs of training, Her passion and commitment to the martial arts hasn't wavered.  Kelly's mission is to share her knowledge with others and of course. continue her training with Sensei Yamashita.

          5th DAN - SHIHAN TIM ROACH (OWNER)


In his mid 40s with a bad lower back and knees, Tim figured his physical activity would be very limited from that point forward, but God works in mysterious ways. Tim had been driving his daughter Kelly from Temecula to Woodland Hills, (a 200mi round trip) every week to train with Sensei Yamashita. Kelly would train while Tim sat and watched. Approx 3 months into their training, Sensei Yamashita had enough of "father watching daughter". Sensei grabbed a pair of boxing gloves and threw them in Tim's lap. "Here sir, put these on". Tim laughed, thinking Sensei must be joking. This time Sensei was more direct, "put the gloves on"! Tim reluctantly put the gloves on and so started his training with Sensei Yamashita. Many years have passed and those back and knee issues have improved to the point where he feels better today than he did 15 years ago. Currently, Tim is 5th Dan in Shorin-Ryu and 4th In Kobudo. Tim continues to train with Sensei Yamashita  and shows no sign of slowing down.



Joanne had an interest in martial arts for many years before she ever started, In fact she and her husband Tim had talked many times about the whole family training together someday. She never imagined that some day, many years later, not only would they train together, but would own and operate a successful martial arts studio. If their is a backbone to the school, it would be Sensei Joanne. She does many of the tasks necessary to keep a dojo running smoothly. She is usually the first and last smile a student will see when entering or leaving the dojo. Joanne continues her martial arts training along with her husband Shihan Tim and daughter Renshi Kelly



Karen’s martial arts journey began when she took her 3 children to a restaurant where there happened to be a Yamashita Karate demonstration. Her kids were enthralled. From that moment on their lives were forever changed. As a single parent, the teachings, respect and discipline, along with the physical and mental challenges, were important. After some months, at age 54,  Karen decided to try karate and martial arts became the backbone of their family life.  Throughout their training they always admired Rendhi Kelly’s phenomenal martial arts skills, and worked with her at every opportunity. After several years all 3 children received their black belts from Sensei Yamashita. 6 months later, so did Sensei Karen and one half year after that she also earned her black belt in Kobudo (weapons). As a Sensei, she loves sharing her joy for martial arts and helping other students push their own boundaries no matter their age or perceived limitations.  Her commitment to training is a testament to the saying "martial arts is a journey, not a destination".



I started my martial arts journey in a traditional Okinawan style called Ryuei Ryu. Then when my family and I moved up to Temecula I found Yamashita Martial Arts and this became my new dojo home. Shorin Ryu is different than Ryuei Ryu, so I started over as a white belt along with beginning to learn Hanshi Yamashita’s Suikendo and Matayoshi Kobudo. The road here was not easy as life can throw many obstacles in your paty. Beyond transitioning to a new style, I've come back from a major injury. Thanks to my wife, and martial arts being my life, I have been able to work around and through obstacles with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I see training in martial arts like taking a long trip - you will use different modes of transporation, hit speed bumps and detours but if you persevere and keep training with intent you will move forward. My goal is to continue forward, always with intent and focus to be the best instructor and martial artist I can be.  Sensei Eric is also a 2nd Dan in Kobudo. 

          3rd DAN - SENSEI RON SABLAN


Ron’s love for martial arts started in 2005 when he attended his first class in Taekwondo. He spent the next 7 years working to attain his 1st dan. In 2012, after his studio encountered a loss of several key instructors, he began to explore the art of Karate. After visiting several recommended dojos he found his niche with Yamashita Martial Arts. For the past 10 years he has worked to enhance his skills in the world of self-defense and his dedication to the arts can be best summed up in his belief that Karate training is for life.  As long as his body will allow it, he has no intention of ever stopping. Sensei Ron is also a 3rd Dan in Kobudo. 

          3rd DAN - SENSEI DANE SABLAN


Sensei Dane achieved his 1st dan Black Belt in Taekwondo in 2012 and became interested in learning Karate. He has trained in the Yamashita system since 2013, and recently focused on refining his weaponry skills, with special attention to the Katana and the Kama. Yamashita Martial Arts dojo has nurtured his love of martial arts, motivating him to continue to the next level in his training. His goal is simple – to be the very best he can.  Sensei Dane is also a 3rd Dan in Kobudo. 

          4th DAN - SHIHAN NEIL BLY III


Neil was originally forced into karate by his mom after a teacher labeled him as a student with A.D.D. But, luckily for him, he enjoyed everything about karate and was destined to continue training for many years. Neil has been training in Yamashita Shorin Ryu and Yamashita Matayoshi Kobudo since 2006. Early on, Neil was able to train with many different instructors and learn from all the past experiences and wisdom they would pass on to him. Neil officially met Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita and Renshi Kelly Tovey when they all performed at the 2010 United States Martial Arts Festival in Los Angeles. Years later, Neil’s family moved, and he was ready to move on to a new dojo. Remembering the respect he had for Renshi Kelly, he made a visit to Yamashita Martial Arts - Temecula to become a student and has never looked back. Neil loves all parts of Karate, but the art of performing a kata holds the largest place in his heart and he takes every chance to do a tournament or competition, as well as encourage others to do the same. Shihan Neil is also a 3rd Dan in Kobudo. 

L O Y A L T Y  ****  C O M M I T M E N T  ****  R E S P E C T   
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