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Martial Arts for Adults

As adults , we have spent the last 20-40 years creating habits that we don't even recognize. The way  we sleep, eat,  how you fold your arms or even  cross your legs. Our body's nature, via our brain, is  to always take the path of "least resistance", unless we consciously command it otherwise. In other words, If we let our mind make us a "creature of habits" he'll take more time off. The less we think, the less we  exercise our brain.


Most people think martrial arts training is a great way to exercise your body, which it is. Just as important is the "mental" exercise your mind receives through martial arts  training.  For instance, if you watch a karate "kata" by a higher rank student, you can't tell if they are left or right handed, for they have learned to use both sides of their brain, as well as both sides of their body.  In martial arts  exercising your body and your brain happens at the same time.  What a great way to multi-task!


Benefits from Martial Arts:

  • One of the best physical work-outs you can do. Use all muscles in your body, right down to your toes gripping the  mats.

  • Exercise your "mental muscle" while working on your physical body

  • Learn practical self-defence

  • The physical and mental growth will influence all other aspects of your daily life

  • Create dicipline and greater self-confidence


L O Y A L T Y  ****  C O M M I T M E N T  ****  R E S P E C T   
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