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About Us
At Yamashita Martial Arts, we offer a unique blend of the traditional arts, consisting of “Okinawan Shōrin-ryū Karate-do" (Karate) and "Matayoshi Kobudo" (weapons). 
We also offer the modern, and very intense, style of martial arts known as  "Suikendo,"  created by Grandmaster Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita (10th degree black belt). These arts are taught under the supervision of Hanshi Yamashita and through dojo owners Renshi Kelly Tovey and Shihan Tim Roach.   
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                       Renshi Kelly and Hanshi Yamashita
Tadashi Yamashita, Kelly Tovey
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Yamashita Martial Arts
L O Y A L T Y  ****  C O M M I T M E N T  ****  R E S P E C T   
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